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Your wine shop in Florence


​Pozzo Divino's history

Our services don’t stop at Pino’s Sandwiches and the suggestive life of Pozzo Di Vino is worth telling: 

If you take two steps by the corner you’ll get to see “Pozzo di Vino”, a cellar that was part of the Carceri Delle Stinche in 1300, a prison that used to stand where now stands Teatro Verdi and where characters such as Niccolò Machiavelli used to be imprisoned. 


The prison was connected to the cellar through a tunnel, the main element of the space today is the well (in Italian pozzo) from which our cellar takes its name. Today at Pozzo Di Vino you won't only experience great wine tastings, the best quality olive oils, vinegars, and food selections, but Pino will introduce you to culinary stories and a journey after which you will really understand how fine wines are made in a place that still breathes renaissance.

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Pozzo Divino today

Today the Pozzo Divino is a room of about 100 square metres on two levels. Access to the cellar is via an original staircase dating back to the 1300s, now restored. A place full of charm and history, ideal for those looking for an excellent wine shop in Florence.


Our wine tastings

The session includes:

  • 1 WHITE WINE (Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot grigio, etc)

  • 1 RED WINE CHIANTI CLASSICO (from different areas)

  • 1 RED WINE (Bolgheri, Supertuscan, Morellino, Montepulciano)

Served with:

  • Tuscan prosciutto

  • Tuscan salame

  • Tuscan pecorino

  • Aged balsamic

  • Selections of olive oils

To reserve, call +39 055 244517 or +39 55 2466907.

We are looking forward to you!

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