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Pino's Sandwiches Salumeria Verdi

Schiacciate since 1991

Perfect for every occasion

Pino's Sandwiches first Schiacciata was created in 1991 with the aim to feed those who needed a full meal (carbohydrates, proteins fibers etc..) and had no time for it.

The desire Pino had, took the shape of a low and at the same time large panino that was able to contain everything a worker needed to get his energy back and keep the day going at its best. Pino's first panino took the name of “The Best”.

The feedback was so good that the next step became to extend the menu to include everyone’s taste and necessities, the original menu included 10 options of sandwiches and already included vegetarian and vegan options. For a few years every option can be made gluten-free! We have a separate presser for the paninis, and all kinds of gluten-free meats and we make sure to clean all the areas before proceeding with the cooking.

That’s not all you can find at Pino's Sandwiches-Salumeria Verdi. We will offer you Antonella's (Pino's wife) a vast variety of pasta, daily changing second dishes as well as mouth-watering desserts and charcuteries without of course excluding our vast selections of vino, scrupulously selected by Pino and Martina (Pino's daughter), certified sommeliers.



A reference point
in Florence

Salumeria Verdi is a business born in 1965 in the heart of Firenze, maybe one minute away from the beautiful Piazza Santa Croce and not even ten from the Duomo.

Our family-based direction began in 1991 when we started developing the salumeria into a deli and gave the possibility to whoever wanted to sit in and enjoy our daily offers. Today we can count up to fifty seats on the inside and outside where you can make the most out of Firenze street life.

Throughout the years we always loved to offer our spaces as a meeting spot and we feel blessed to still have our historical clients come back to us after 30 years, our dining rooms are always animated, breathing, and full of life. We want you to be part of it as if you were coming inside a warm house, don’t be shy to interact with us if you feel like it!


That's not it! POZZO DIVINO

Pozzo Divino is an idea born in 2005, at first used just as a wine shop but following the reconstruction of the cellar turned into a space capable of comfortably fitting a max of 20 people for a great wine-tasting experience hosted by no other than Pino himself!

Pino will introduce you to culinary stories and a journey after which you will understand how fine wines are made while enjoying fine meats, oil, and balsamic selections. (vegan, vegetarian, or fully gluten-free options available)

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